Smuggled Chimpanzee Rehomed in Dorset after Suffering Abuse in a Circus and Isolation


Illegally smuggled into Thailand in wildlife trade and forced to perform in a circus, Naree suffered abuse that led to her teeth getting knocked out and her face deformed.

The director of Monkey World in Dorset, Dr. Alison Cronin, initially met Naree in 2003, but the amusement park where the circus was located refused to let her go, coercing her to pull an orangutan and a tiger around a ring in a rickshaw. This led Dr. Alison to campaign to Thai authorities to release the chimpanzee.

Naree was eventually seized from the circus and moved to a government wildlife centre. There, she began to get veterinary care, but unfortunately, she was still in isolation.

Having lost contact with Naree for over 15 years, Dr. Cronin presumed Naree to have disappeared and even died. Thankfully, she was contacted and asked if Monkey World could rehome a chimpanzee with bad facial deformation—the very chimp she wanted to save, Naree.

Due to the abuse she suffered, Naree cannot be released back into the wild, but at least in Monkey World, she is safe, cared for, and among others of her kind.

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