The drivers found with no insurance in Cornwall and Devon


At least 60 vehicles have been seized by the police during a no insurance crackdown in Devon and Cornwall, police sources have said.  The force found about 54 out of 57 vehicles without valid insurance between 12th and the 18th of November 2018.  The other three were victims of invalid driver’s licence, the information has revealed.  The counties wide crackdown is part of Operation Drive Insured supported by the Motor Insurers Bureau.

NoExcuse for driving without insurance 57 vehicles seized during clampdown. 54 had no valid insurance, 3 drivers did not have a valid license Drivers of uninsured vehicles receive 6 points & £300 fine + min £150 charge to get vehicles back” police said in a tweet.

Drivers caught with uninsured vehicles are given six points on their licence and a £300 fine.  There will also be a minimum fine of £150 to get their vehicles back. Owners are expected to answer to the charges within fourteen days.   Part of the requirements include insuring the vehicle and proving to the police that it is in order before payment can be made.

The police in a tweet said there is no ‘motor’ without an insurance.

#NoExcuse for #NoInsurance and/or #NoMOT. Road Safety is paramount!!!”

Other drivers caught were allowed to reinsure their vehicles at the road side.

The No Excuse team was supported by officers from the Alliance Roads Policing Team, Armed Response Vehicles and neighbourhood officers across the region.



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