The Fate of an Abandoned Gloucester Spot Up to Public after Being Plagued with Drug Users and Street Drinkers



Residents that live near the Rose Garden on the corner of Great Western Road and London Road are encouraged to contribute their opinion on plans to renovate the grot spot in Gloucester.

Homeowners in Wellington Parade and London Road in the Wotton area comment that drunks and drug addicts are the root of the problems the overgrown and unloved patch of land faced for years.

Over the summer, when getting past the area, the nearby residents endured abuse from groups of drunkards sitting in the community garden all day before it was boarded up at the end of the summer.

Jeremy Hilton (LD, Kingsholm, and Wotton), Gloucester City Councillor, mentioned that the residents asked for boards to be put up. “They were getting fed up with people congregating in gangs,” he commented.

Unfortunately, graffiti was sprayed on the wooden boards saying, “How is this better?” This defecation calls for a more sustainable fix to the location.

Hilton also says, “We’re also looking at new drawings, they’re going to be used in a consultation with the public on how the new garden will look. It will be finished in a way that looks more attractive but not a garden that will accommodate large groups of people sitting there all day and drinking.”

The cost of the renovation is expected to be around £6,000, which will be paid from allowances available to all Gloucester City Councillors, by Cllr Jeremy Hilton and Cllr Isabel Brazil.

Emergency Future, a community interest company, will take over the maintenance of the garden after work is finished, working with people in rehabilitation from alcohol or drugs.

Concerned residents are encouraged to email [email protected] or call 01452 396069 for more information.


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