Three Major Road Rage Incidents in Cornwall and Its Consequences That Call for Caution



Road rage has affected almost everyone at some point in their lives. Other motorists on the road can get on your nerves with their behavior, but some people react in an extreme way. Here are three major cases of road rage that have come to court in Cornwall, to caution drivers to always keep a steady head even when provoked while driving:


In Truro, after a man kicked her car and threw insults in a fit of road rage, the driver said that she was left too frightened to drive alone and suffered from panic attacks. The chairman of the bench in court told the offender that “There is a degree of anger that needs to be controlled.” His offences were serious enough to warrant a 12-month community order with 40 hours unpaid work. He also was warranted to pay the victim £750 in compensation and complete a Thinking Skills Programme.



A 16-year-old moped rider was nearly killed by a father after he chose to deliberately hit the victim with his van in an extremely dangerous road rage incident. The jury unanimously found the attacker guilty of dangerous driving, but not guilty for the knuckle-duster charge. The dangerous driver received a nine-month prison sentence, was suspended for two years, and was disqualified from driving for 15 months. He was also assigned to 200 hours of unpaid work and to pay the victim £500 in compensation and £500 in court costs.



Two Cornwall brothers led a 74-year-old driver on a 10-mile road rage torment before they pulled him from his car and beat him up. One of the brothers rammed into the side of the victim’s vehicle, which forced him to stop, while the other brother left his vehicle and dragged the victim away from his car. The victim was knocked unconscious by the severity of the assault, losing two teeth and his hearing aids. The two assaulters from road rage were jailed by Recorder Jonathan Barnes at Exeter Crown Court. The recorder commented that the public expected cases of road rage to be dealt with by a prison sentence to serve as a caution to other drivers.


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