Two Brothers in Bristol Jailed for A Brutal Machete Attack


Two men were injured at a supermarket in Bristol after being attacked by two brothers with a machete.

Naveed Hussain, 36, was involved in an altercation with the two victims. His younger brother, Razwan, 34, came to help his brother later on.

The fight happened last August at the Eastville branch of Tesco. Naveed called his brother after fighting with Daniel Ali, 27. Razwan then drove to Tesco armed with a machete.

Zebeullam Mayakhial tried to break the fight between the two parties, according to the report by the prosecutors.

Mr. Ali had punched Naveed in the torso which caused him to fall on the floor.

As Mr. Ali was about to leave with Mr. Mayakhial, Naveed punched the car’s window which made Mr. Mayakhial get out of the vehicle. He then exchanged a number of blows with Naveed.

Later, Razwan, furiously driving his mini cooper, came. He then got out of his car and hit Mr. Mayakhial with his two-feet machete, which caused injuries to the latter’s left forearm.

After attacking Mr. Mayakhial, the two brothers went after Mr. Ali who ran to the supermarket. Razwan was able to hit him with the machete, leaving a cut on his hand.

The whole incident caused the customers to panic, thinking that the whole event was a terrorist attack.

The store was then closed for the whole evening, causing the supermarket chain to lose thousands in revenue.

According to Charles Row, defending for Razwan, the incident is deemed to be “out of character.” Razwan had no past convictions that may state otherwise. According to Giles Nelson, defending for Naveed, the incident was due to the previous threats made to the brothers, which provoked them into doing such an act.

Razwan and Naveed was still sentenced by the court despite their defense. Naveed will be serving a two-year sentence while Razwan will be imprisoned for 10 years.


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