Two Teenagers Arrested for Attempted Break-In at Trowbridge



Two males, aged 18 and 19, were taken into custody at Melksham Police Station on October 25.

The men, both from Trowbridge, were arrested for suspicion of attempted burglary.

A resident of Blair Road, alerted by his interactive camera and doorbell, saw them walking up his driveway and trying to open his front door in the early hours of the morning. The door was locked so they didn’t gain entry or steal anything.

The homeowner called the non emergency 101 number of the police by 2am, and they were arrested.

According to Det Sgt Anthony King, from the Community Tasking Team, “The homeowner did exactly the right thing.”

“Many people would have perhaps thought there was no point reporting this incident, as the offenders did not manage to gain entry, but thanks to his report and CCTV image, we have managed to make two very quick arrests.”

“We know that burglary is of great concern to the public and it is examples like this one which show the action we can take when incidents are reported to police.”

He reiterated the importance of protecting the home and making it secure by asking residents to lock all windows and doors when they’re going out or going to bed.

Wiltshire police has provided tips for home safety here.

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