Up to three drug drivers are arrested in Dorset EVERY DAY, says officer


At least three drug drivers are arrested everyday in Dorset, a special constable who gives hours of his free time to Dorset Police, has said.

Special constable Kier Dagnall works as a delivery driver but spends up to 30 hours offering support to the force every week. He was part of the operation that stopped a young entrepreneur Mitchell Stuart when the 21-year-old was caught breaking speed rules.

In an interview with the Daily Echo, the officer said police will never stop targeting those who commit one of the ‘fatal five’ on Dorset’s roads.

“We pick areas to cover based, in part, on the number of reports we get from members of the public about driving issues,”

“We also have areas assigned to us in advance, and we publish these on the Dorset Road Safe Partnership website.

“Some of the biggest things we deal with are speeding and drug or drink driving. Although some people don’t see speeding as a problem, it’s absolutely unacceptable and one of the fatal five.” He said.

Part of the officer’s duties entails dealing with people who drive while using their mobile phones, as well as those who ignore school crossing patrols.

“You see all sorts of driving offences when you’re out… . Sometimes, there’ll be three drug drivers arrested in a single day.” Officer Dagnall said.

The ‘fatal five’ are: failing to wear a seatbelt, using a mobile phone, driving under the influence of drink or drugs and careless or inconsiderate driving, and driving at excess or inappropriate speeds.


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