Wiltshire Couple outraged having lost 2,000 euro worth of tools to Bristol Ikea car park theft; ‘lack of security’ to be blamed


Tina and Simon Giles, a couple from Winsley, Wiltshire, claim to have had 2,000 euro worth of tools stolen from their Citroen Dispatch van shortly after 10am on Saturday, October 13. They reportedly left the van in the Ikea car park, in Eastville, at 9:55am only to return at 12pm to find that their tools had been stolen. According to Tina, they parked the van about nine spaces away from the entrance.

CCTV feed from the store shows the thieves getting out of another van before heading to the Citroen. It is believed that they used a device to hijack the locking signal of the fob since there was no sign of forced entry.

The couple is the most recent victim of a series of thefts from vans parked in the Ikea car park. The popular furniture store in Bristol has been a target for dozens of break-ins since the past year, and is becoming quite notorious for its alleged security failures.

More than one case per day, totaling fifty-five break-ins at the car park of the Ikea branch, have been recorded by the Avon and Somerset Police between April 2017 and February this year.

Conor Doherty, a store manager at IKEA Bristol, says that they are working closely with the local police to improve security across the entire store site, since customer safety is a priority at IKEA.


Author: Logan Powell


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