Wiltshire has seen over 200 alcohol related deaths over the past year


Figures were released towards the Alcohol Awareness week which ends on November 25th. In England, 220,000 children live with an alcohol dependent parent. 3.5billion is the cost of alcohol to the NHS each year in England. Also, 167,000 working years were lost to alcohol in 2015.

The drugs and alcohol lead for PHE South West, Ian Kersey, said that he knows how easy it is for people to underestimate how much they are dinking. It progresses slowly. You can start by having a glass of wine with dinner, then having one while you cook, then one after your meal. It happens that gradually, you would have reached a point where you are exceeding the recommended weekly intake.

Figures also show 36,117 people in the South West were admitted to hospital for alcohol-related illnesses and injuries in 2016-2017, with 1, 443 young people under 18 treated for similar issues.

“If you are concerned about how much you are drinking or want to speak to someone about a family member suffering from the effects or alcohol harm, you can contact alcohol support helplines who can help.” Mr Kersey said.

In 2016, 3,892 adults were dealing with alcohol dependency in Wiltshire and 205 died from alcohol misuse. And in 2017, more than 10 million people in England drank at a hazardous level, including 55,705 in the South West.

Alcoholchange.org.uk has all the latest evidence to help you find out more about alcohol.


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