Wiltshire Police Employed an Unconventional Method to Discourage Driving After Halloween Drinking


Wiltshire Police devised new methods of  discouraging drivers from driving after drinking  druing Halloween. To relay their wishes for the celebration, they composed a poem which they shared on Twitter:

 “Happy Halloween

Hocus Pocus

Don’t lose focus

Behind the wheel

Of your automobile

Stay off the booze

Or you may cruise

Off the road & into trouble

All because you’re seeing double

The cells are cold & the breakfast drab,

So if you’re drinking, BOOK A CAB”


The Wiltshire Police admit they may not win any awards for their literary skill. They hope it achieves the objective of convincing residents to avoid driving after drinking during the Halloween celebration.

☎If you suspect someone of drink driving please call police on 999. #halloween

— Wiltshire Police (@wiltshirepolice) October 31, 2018


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