Woman Goes On Drunken Stealing Rampage And Kicked Policeman In Groin


A drug-fuelled woman, Zoe Mills, threatened to spill at an officer who came to arrest her after she was spotted causing trouble on the forecourt at Foxhayes garage. Magistrates in Exeter were told that the 46-year-old HIV-infected Mills was told to leave the Foxhayes garage and this is when she speed-off and stole a rucksack and car keys from a nearby house.

When a policeman arrived at the scene, Mills kicked him in the groin and told him that she had HIV. She then threatened to bite her lips and spit at him.

According to prosecutor Lyndsey Baker, the police were alerted of an assault at the garage on January 18 at 4 pm. The prosecutor also told the magistrates that the 70-year-old garage manager had spotted Mrs. Mills dumping items from Tesco Express on his forecourt. He asked her to clear off and this is when Mills threw a can at him.

She then attempted to wrestle him to the ground before running to a nearby house in Exwick Road and stole keys that were behind the door. The owner of the house found her and tried calling the police, but Mills knocked the phone, hitting the owner in the mouth with it. Mills then went to a neighbouring flat where she stole a rucksack and tried shoplifting items from Premier stores.

She used the rucksack to kick the manager of the shop and the police officer in the groin. Besides suffering a cut in the incident, the prosecutor said that the police officer also had the HIV threats playing on his mind.

Mills was detained at the scene. When being led away to the cells, the defendant said “Sorry” and admitted to having drunk 5 bottles of super strength cider and 5 valiums. She was, however, found with a history of shoplifting but not of violence.

The defendant was granted conditional bail until February 18 where she is expected to appear at Exeter Crown Court for sentence.