Cutting Costs: 180 Miles of Summerset Roads Won’t Be Gritted


According to Somerset County Council, 180 miles of roads will no longer be gritted routinely during the icy weather. This comes on the back of general on-going cuts.

The council published a map that shows the routes which will be covered in grit as a precaution during the winter (720 miles of roads) and the routes that won’t be covered (180 miles of roads).

Instead of the standard 21 per cent of roads in previous years, the council is only covering 17 per cent of the total road network in readiness for a winter where we could see sub-zero temperatures in the area.

Many of the routes that have been cut can be found in the rural areas including the Brendon Hills, the Mendip Hills, the Quantock Hills, and Exmoor National Park.

No changes have been made to the council’s emergency response to severe snow or prolonged ice and the arrangement to employ farmers and snowplough operators to clear snow when required, remains.

Some of the people that may be affected by the changes include the elderly, pregnant women and people getting to school.

With the recent changes, the council expects to save around £120,000.  It is also considering removing roadside salt supplies in order to save an additional £40,000.

To see the routes that will be gritted during snow and ice and other winter driving information, please visit the council page on the subject matter.


Author: Zoe Turnbull


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