Devon Advised to Keep Updated with Snow Coming


With the possibility of ice and snow coming to Devon, people are urged to keep updated with the news for them to be prepared. The council is setting the region’s weather condition on ‘yellow’ ice and snow alert, advising people to be vigilant when going outside due to untreated roads. Failing to be cautious during this weather condition might cause injuries from slipping and falling.

The council from Devon has urged people to monitor their water pipes from freezing via insulation, stock enough food and medicine supplies in case the weather condition worsens, check on their neighbour’s condition, and wear the proper set of clothes to prevent hypothermia.

People in the affected areas are given signals about the possible disruption on the roads and railways due to the pile of snow accumulating the areas. Low levels of snow are measured about 1 to 2 cm, while heavy snow, which is anticipated to occur on the hills, is expected to reach up to 10 cm. The entire county is anticipated to experience a freezing situation until further notice.

Rain is expected to pour across Wales, Northern, and Western England until Tuesday noon and will travel towards the East on the afternoon until the evening of the same day. Due to the chilly weather, the rain will immediately turn to snow on the hills. Some areas will have low levels of snow, while others will not witness any snow at all.

The sky is foreseen to lighten overnight, although some surfaces will most likely turn to ice. Additionally, icy showers will travel through the West on Wednesday, increasing the accumulation of snow in the aforementioned location.

Meanwhile, the Cornwall council is also sending a snow warning to their people. They are advising everyone to keep their track on roads that are not slippery and are safe.


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