Devon Police “boxed in” a car in Bideford Bridge


Devon police officers disclosed the reason why they stopped and “boxed in” a car near a bridge on a crowded road at North Devon just last week.

Two police patrol cars reportedly stopped and surrounded the vehicle on a Friday of February 1. The vehicle was forcibly stopped by the police to check on the driver.

There was even an image captured by an eyewitness which circulated on the web who was just directly behind the responding police officers and the stopped car.

During the incident, Devon police weren’t able to reveal the real reason as to why they went in and stopped the vehicle.

However, authorities have made an update regarding this matter.

The boxed-in vehicle was in suspicion of not having any insurance, as per the Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson. The Seat Leon car was stopped by some trained police drivers on the highway of A39 at 3:30 pm last Friday at Barnstaple.

The driver who was not identified by the police was a man around mid-20s who lived at Bideford.

The spokesperson mentioned that there’s no clear evidence as to what happened to the driver since he is said to have no car insurance.

Eyewitnesses narrated the event that happened which occurred on the Bideford side of Torridge Bridge at Devon.

Police patrol cars stopped and then boxed in a red car that was reportedly seen driving all day around the area. In addition, there were 2 people in the stopped car including the driver, said an eyewitness.

Rumors go around town that police assets are all around all day lurking and spotting lawbreakers who refuse to follow to the law. It was even on Facebook that those stingers are always ready prowling on the streets of Heywood and the nearby areas.


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