Discussion About Wiltshire’s Police Force Gets Heated


A discussion between the Police Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson and Wiltshire councilor gets heated. The said discussion tackled how the Wiltshire needs the visibility of the policemen on the streets to gain the confidence and trust about their safety.

The police revealed that among 87.4% of police staff in the community, only 70% is active and trained. Moreover, this 70% is the percentage of policemen who can respond and deploy to crimes in the community. Also, those policemen who have been in charge of the work desk and who are away for sick leaves are already included.

With this, the Wiltshire councilor is absolute in taking over the role of Macpherson. The police force did not even deny the fact that they must take action to solve the rising problem.
Councilor Jonathan Seed strongly believes that if people in the community found out that there were only fewer police, it might lead to conflicts.

First, people will not feel safe anymore. Second, the number of crimes might increase. And third, people will not feel confident in having an active life in the community.

Meanwhile, Assistant Chief Gavin Williamson claims that they can really see the lack in the numbers of trained and available policemen. In addition to this, they are doing their best to improve the police force and solve the growing issue.

Angus also added that the first step they did is to close stations and stop tying policemen to it. Through this, they assured that people will see additional policemen doing their job in the community. He also added that there are policemen who work as spies who do not have certain uniforms.

These spies help in responding to crimes like exploitation or cybercrime. Now, the councilor and the community are demanding action from Wiltshire Police. To solve it, the police force has been working to respond to the rising issue.


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