Dorset Ambulance Volunteers’ Bid for Emergency Lifting Chairs


Community First Responders are urging the Aviva Community Fund for a £25,000 support grant to secure Raizer emergency lifting chairs.

According to Zoe Larter, the South Western Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust’s Head of Charity, “Equipping a Community First Responder with an emergency lifting chair will enable early assistance to a patient who has experienced a non-injury fall.

“If we are successful, we could purchase six chairs for our groups across the South West.

“Falls are a leading cause of emergency calls in the over 65’s and account for 10% -25% of emergency ambulance responses each year for adults aged over 65 years. One in three people aged over 65 and up to one in two aged over 80 will fall at least once every year.

“We need to get enough votes to get us to the finals and to do this we need you to register, vote, share and encourage as many friends, family and community supporters as possible to do the same.”

The South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust has over 800 Community First Responders.  The volunteers help with over 40,000 cases yearly.


“The impact of a fall on the individual and their family is not to be underestimated, with falls often leading to a fear of falling and potentially having psychological as well as physical effects.” A spokesperson for the charity said in a statement.

The Aviva Community Fund assists communities with needed grants for important local projects. The Raizer emergency lifting project has received over 1000 votes with the process expected to be over on November 20.



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