Dorset Council Backs Peninsula Scheme


There has been a huge debate between the public and the council with regards to setting up a hotel and leisure scheme.  It is a regeneration scheme aimed at strengthening and creating a tourism drive for Weymouth. The council would like to see Weymouth step into the 21st century by being a modern all year tourist destination hub.

Fears and agitation

  • Current hotel owners are afraid the new scheme is a threat to their business.
  • The public feel the council has not carried them along with decision making.


The Shadow Dorset Council executive committee has given its approval from the earlier decision reached by the Weymouth and Portland Borough Council.

Currently, full approval for phase one has been made from the business case stand point. This was made possible by the full council, management committee, Weymouth and the harbor management board of Portland Borough Council.

The project is broken into two phases. Do find makeup for each phase below:

Project phase 1

  • Constructing a 100 room hotel.
  • Creation of a nice walkway around the scheme for easy access.
  • A revamp on the public space.
  • Creation of a diner also serving as a pub with guest rooms.
  • Improving the current conditions of the harbourside.

Project phase 2

  • Creating marine facilities and infrastructure.
  • Creating restaurants.
  • Coming up with a leisure attraction plan and structure to suit at any time of the year, regardless of the weather.

Moving forward

The council will provide a chance for the public to share their thoughts and propose suggestions as the project unfolds.


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