Dorset Councillors approved five year management plans for AONB


The councillors, at a Cabinet meeting last Wednesday, had been informed about the favorability of the plans to attract grants for any project activity on an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). 

The 2014-2019 Dorset AONB Management Plan have been known to obtain more than £7.5 million. The amount was invested through the AONB Partnership, which was known for its movements on the conservation, celebration activities, and access understanding to these special areas. The production of such management plan documents has been made possible through the joint contribution of the government and the county councils, contributing a total amount of £34,700 to bring forth the production of the AONB management plan documentation. 

The AONB plan has been set to produce successful events and activities that would create opportunities in promoting the county as a culturally beautiful tourist spot and preserve the natural beauty of it. Also, the plan had paved ways for companies to be able to participate in the continuation of innate traditions and practices, like the food and drink industry in Dorset, while supporting the working individuals in the said industry. Education towards understanding the beauty of nature in these AONB landscapes has gained the student’s interest and the public in general. This has been attested through a series of events that happened around the South Dorset Ridgeway. 

The approval was stated after a nine-week consultation on the renewed management plans and had almost 350 feedbacks, suggestions, and points of support coming from local and online sources. The final draft of this approval has been submitted and would again be subject to public inquiry in five years’ time. As of the moment, the approval would start off a series of events and community activities that would pave the way to the protection and celebration of these naturally beautiful landscapes in the region. 


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