Driver blames Brexit voting after being caught speeding


In a strange turn of events, a motorist blamed the Brexit voting after getting caught exceeding the speed limit by a local police officer. When questioned by the Devon Police officer, on why he was traveling at a speed of 86mph, the motorist simply replied, “I was listening to the results of the Brexit vote.”

The historic voting that took place last night in the House of Commons, saw Theresa May’s Brexit deal suffer a huge defeat with an emphatic 432 votes to 202. This defeat has left the future of the United Kingdom leaving the EU hanging in the balance. The next step for the Prime Minister will be to table a motion on her Plan B on Monday, as agreed on the terms of the amendment passed last week.

A no motion confidence has been passed by the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, which will be discussed in the House of Commons tomorrow. In other news, the Prime Minister may fly to Brussels, in an attempt to extend the period for approving the backstop. But following this massive defeat, it is highly unlikely.

Attorney General and Devon MP Geoffrey Cox, the chief legal adviser to the Government, made a statement in the House warned the opposition of a choice between order and chaos as the Government made a final attempt to plead support for the deal.

What could happen next now?

  • Theresa May resigns, which is highly unlikely
  • Plan B is set in motion, a plan which is under the covers for now
  • Return to Brussels, to renegotiate the terms of the agreement.
  • An extension or halt to Article 50, a move opposed by Brexiteers.
  • A second referendum, signaling towards new fresh general elections.
  • A new bill, in case of no alternative viabilities
  • No deal Brexit, with the UK leaving the EU without any deal.

While the fate of the Brexit deal is left uncertain, quirky incidents such as these are sure to pop up every now and then.