Duchess of Cornwall Pays Respect to Stalwart on Somerset Trip


Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, paid honour to Gerald Franks who founded the Frome and District Day Centre lunch club last 2000.

The lunch centre offers companionship and a warm meal to elder people who are not capable of cooking and caring for themselves.

The Duchess praised Mr Franks for the excellent work he had done for the older community.

Gerald expressed his gratitude with the admiration he received from Camilla.

He said he had no information about this and that it was extremely pleasing of having the honour to speak with the Duke of Duchess herself.

Mr Franks described Camilla as a very humble person. She treats you like she knew you for quite a long time already. Camilla witnessed personally the efforts of the volunteers and community groups who worked significantly hard to put an end to seclusion and solitude of the elder community. This was also the first time that the Duchess met the man behind this successful experience.

Compassionate Frome is also the common term of this event that unites people to hold up networks, services and groups in each and every corner of Mendip. The event also significantly reduced hospitalizations of elderly people in hospitals.

Dr Helen Kingston, a senior General Practitioner at Frome Medical Centre, emphasized that welfare does not only mean the nonexistence of sickness. Dr Kingston, who also co-founded the medical centre, mentioned that seclusion and loneliness can lead to severe health conditions.

Volunteer community connectors and health connectors were also met by the Duchess. They are the organizations that provide assistance to the community.

These organizations are formed to recognize patients who might need their help. Members including local support services and groups set up these events and facilities to help those who truly need them.

The Frome Men’s Shed was also visited by The Duchess of Cornwall. This facility offers a safe workstation in which people can go hand in hand with others to work on their projects.

Overall, the visit of Duchess was a success since she was able to do what she came to do. She was able to recognize and give praise to special people who had no other intention but to help those who are in need.



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