Disadvantaged Children Falling Behind at School in Wiltshire


Wiltshire Council is now challenging primary schools to create programmes that will improve children’s early language development. According to statistics, Wiltshire belongs to the 50 worst performing countries for children under 11 in key stage one, phonics and early years. This matter called the attention of Counsellor Chris Devine which encourage him to make an action right away.

“Children are being disadvantaged in education as we sit here and talk about it. You might be doing work but it is not shown here. Those tough challenging conversations and work with schools are not happening”, the Counsellor said in one of the meetings with the selected committee.

Wiltshire Council declared that they’ve been working with schools and other related groups about this matter over the last few years, but there are about 10, 000 disadvantaged learner in Wiltshire. The council admitted that they badly need continuous action plans to resolve this issue in education.

“We are continuing to challenge school governors. A key is improvements in the quality of teaching-learning assessments. We are working on those and have programmes on supporting early language development”, said by the head of school effectiveness in Wiltshire Council Jayne Hartnell.

As of the moment, there are about 27 schools cooperating and Wiltshire council said that different programmes had been provided. The council is hoping that these programmes would eliminate the gap in the coming years.


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