Dorset Students Studying About Animal Welfare Issues


Industrialization may have improved people’s lives, but it proves otherwise for animals. Disrupting their natural habitat, cutting down their food sources, and exposing them to environmental problems like improper disposal of non-biodegradable wastage negatively affected these defenceless creatures.

Unfortunately, these drastic, unexpected changes in the environment have greatly affected the temperament, appearance, and population of some creatures. There are animals now on red signal for extinction and those that are officially declared instinct. Meanwhile, there are also other creatures evolving to lose some of their parts, including elephants losing their tusks due to poaching.

Educating people, most especially the younger ones, about the importance of animal welfare can help resolve the problem. This can help in improving the current situation of the animals.

In order to increase the chances of retrieving the animals’ rights and be more understanding with their needs, 8 schools in Dorset and Hampshire and 1 school in Airdrie, Scotland have collaborated with 14 establishments in Goa and Tamil Nadu for the Young Vet’s Club by Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS).

Students, alongside their teachers, are conducting activities prepared by WVS that mainly tackle local and international animal welfare issues. The schools that have joined forces in raising the said issues share their viewpoints through letters and posters.

The pupils are taught about the animals’ needs in order to survive, their temperament, and the effect of environmental problems on animals such as plastic pollution.

WVS international education manager Nicky Cook emphasizes the importance of education in WVS. He states that by working together with schools on topics related to the problems, children will develop skills and ideas necessary for the improvement of animal welfare. The program strives to provide an in-depth understanding and trust between young individuals from different locations for a secure and more connected world in the future.

The UK schools that participated in the said program are cordially requested to join the first Young Vets Activity Day at Pilgrims Veterinary practice in Fordingbridge on the 9th of April.


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