School for Children with Special Needs Soon to Rise in Dorset


Planning permission for the school’s temporary two-storey building is being sought to rise near Bovington.

Proposals for Harbour School’s modular building have been submitted by the Department for Education. This will allow the special needs school to welcome its first batch of students in September.

The proposal states that the new school will fulfil an educational need. It also states the permission to erect the temporary building, and by 2020, a permanent infrastructure will be completed. Delta Education Trust will run the new school which is found at the former Bovington Middle School’s location. The Dorset City Council had also given their support for their plans for the school before Bovington Middle School’s abolition which was ordered by the Department of Education and Dorset Council. The plans for the school’s temporary building have been green-lighted after the application for the existing building’s demolition has been submitted.

A statement in the submitted plans by the Department of Education says that the temporary building’s development has been thoroughly considered to make sure that it maximizes the use of the site’s access and the existing configuration.

The temporary building is projected to accommodate 40 students with special needs with eight classrooms in total and numerous other essential educational facilities. When the permanent building is completed, the school is slated to accommodate 160 students aged between 10 and 19, according to statements released by the Delta Education Trust.

The submitted plans also stated that the Dorset County Council has recognized Dorset’s educational need for a special educational need (SEN) school near the site’s area. As of today, the parents of the children with special needs have to drive their child to the nearest possible SEN school, which is actually quite far. The Delta Education Trust aims to resolve this dilemma in September this year and in 2020.


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