Somerset Teen Draws Support after Writing a Letter Backing Home Education


Angelica Hodgson, a 15-year-old teenager, is drawing massive support from people after posting an open letter supporting home education in one of his social media accounts. The open letter was the teenager’s reaction after reading a report from Anne Longfield’s “Skipping School: Invisible Children”.

The said report which was published right after the school adjudicator had highlighted the increasing number of children that is taking up homeschooling every year. The same report also indicated that children taking up homeschooling is said to be falling off the grid once they are outside the school system.

Hodgson who has never been to school in her entire life was left “perturbed and alarmed” after she read Mrs Longfield’s proposal to the said problem. The South Petherton teenager who is home-schooled by her mother Zena questions the commissioner’s statement in the report acknowledging schools as an environment that’s no longer safe for children to learn while insisting the idea of the school system and its curriculum being the only way to educate the children. Angelica also added that the means of support appears to be questionable.

The 15-year-old teenager also finds it difficult to believe that the commissioner’s feeling towards home educators are all invisible when, in fact, she is well-informed of the estimated figures of the number of home-schooled children and educators. She also added that while she’s never been to school her entire life, she still receives letters from hospitals, dentists, and other establishments proving that she is not invisible at all.

Angelica’s open letter on her Facebook page has gone on a viral level after receiving more than 100 comments and 250 shares as of this writing. She has also received a number of messages from people expressing their support about what she is fighting and believing. The teenager added that home education has been a positive, incredible and unique journey.

“I want the generations after me to have the same options and choices in education as myself, without any limits,” she added.


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