Emergency Measures Taken At Gloucestershire As Temperatures Drop To Freezing Points


The Gloucestershire council has implemented the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol as a way to help residents of the country from the freezing temperature.

The county’s temperature is expected to drop at 0°C in the next couple of days, so the Cheltenham Borough Council has called upon the activation of protocol to ensure everyone is safe from ice blisters and frost bites during the temperature drops. The task force and local authorities are ready to bring shelters to everyone, especially the homeless individuals. This protocol is a humanitarian response developed by the authorities in the county to ensure that no one suffers or dies during the extreme cold weather that is sweeping across the county.

In a tweet made by the council, they have disseminated the information about the protocol that is raised by the council today to help everyone get through this weather condition. They have also encouraged everyone to give information of anyone who might be a rough sleeper during the colder days.

The Severe Weather Protocol is implemented to help everyone get to safety during the extremely cold weather situations. Temperature conditions below 0°C for three consecutive days constitutes the activation of the protocol, and everyone is given the assistance to a warm and secure emergency shelter to get through the cold. Anyone who is financially challenged to seek shelter, especially rough sleepers, can take advantage of this assistance. The local government and taskforce are also going out on the streets to provide shelters for anyone they find sleeping outside and bring them to emergency shelters where they can rest assured of their safety from the freezing temperatures.

Everyone is encouraged to take part in this protocol and provide emergency relief to rough sleepers, especially in this colder times. Anyone who wishes to help a rough sleeper get warmer shelter may contact Streetlink at 0300 5000914 or visit their website at streetlink.org.uk.