‘Emergency Road Repairs’ Put Bristol City Centre in a Traffic Jam


Long delays hit the weekend vibe in the Bristol City center as bumper-to-bumper traffic is experienced by motorists due to city road repairs.

With the commencement of planned road works in two major routes in Bristol City, large gridlocks are placed across the highways. This has resulted in long queues of vehicles along certain parts of the city.

Upon interview, highway traffic officials explained earlier today that the ‘emergency repairs’ happening along the intersection of Lime Kiln Road to B4466 Jacob’s Wells Road resulted in the closure of A4 Anchor Road Westbound. Road blocking was done for the resurfacing of highways.

This consequently caused road congestion in Bristol Hippodrome. This vehicular buildup stretches up the Temple Meads Train Station.

Furthermore, the highway spokesperson added that congestion is also experienced along St. James Barton roundabout. There is also a notable traffic buildup approaching St. Augustine’s Parade, Rupert Street, and Baldwin Street.

Because a number of people are hitting the road to spend the weekend in the city, there has been a massive influx of vehicles that extends along Victoria Street on the way to the train station.

Highway officials give notice that the roadblocks are expected to continue for quite some time. It is also expected that the city’s tourism is a bit affected as the intense traffic jam does not bode well for visitors in the coming weeks.

B4466 provides a short distance road to the west part of Bristol city center.

In the past weeks, there was also road closure happening in other parts of Bristol including the route to M32. Last month, the Plimsoll Swing Bridge was partially closed.

Beginning April 9, the B3130 Bristol Road will close for a month. The closure will start from Hillcrest House to Gable Farm.

Highway officials warn for highway impediments as major commuter routes in Bristol will cause long delays in the coming weeks.


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