Emergency Services Contain Wee Morning Fire at Perranporth Hotel


A derelict building, the former Perranporth Hotel, along Wheal Leisure in Cornwall reportedly broke out in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The incident was recorded at 2:30 am when the Critical Control Centre received the call informing of the fire.

Emergency services from both Perranporth and Tolvaddon were immediately deployed to the address, finding out at the scene that it was the Perranporth Hotel. Now closed and in an uninhabitable state since 2015, the old Perranporth was ablaze for only a short time when the fire crew arrived.

Putting to work two breathing apparatus and one hose reel jet, the fire crew was able to extinguish the flame before it spread further across the property.

At the time of arrival, the crew determined that the fire was located on the ground floor fire escape. Further investigation is ongoing to pinpoint the source and the extent of the damage.

It could be said, however, that the fire crew successfully prevented the flames from engulfing the rest of the building of the old hotel. The three-storey building once housed quaint rooms for visiting guests and tourists in the resort town of Perranporth.

Modestly sized at approximately 60 by 20 metres in size, the old hotel once added to the charm in this side of Cornwall. It has since been unused and unlived for more than three years although the owners are reportedly working towards getting the property back on its feet.

In the meantime, the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service applauds the dedicated crew of Perranporth and Tolvaddon for the quick and efficient mobilization on site. As soon as the call was taken, so did the action commence.

Further delay would have added to the property damage and costs on property, but due to the swift deployment of the teams to the Perranporth Hotel, the fire was put out within a reasonable time.


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