Emergency Shelters Continue to Receive Homeless Individuals As Wiltshire Weather Plummets to Zero


The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol by the Wiltshire Council continues to operate as cold weather condition continues to fall in the region. Emergency shelters continue to operate, and everyone, especially the homeless and the rough sleepers, can take advantage to survive this freezing temperature.

Weather forecast in the region reported that temperatures will remain zero or negative until next week. Continued evacuation for rough sleepers and homeless individuals were in full swing and everyone was continually encouraged by local authorities to provide assistance and support in this emergency protocol.

Wiltshire Council cabinet member, Councilor Richard Clewer, said that there were eight people already availing the emergency shelter, and accommodation offers for rough sleepers were still available but are waiting for their response to take this generous offer. However, they are still welcome to come to emergency shelters situated in Chippenham, Trowbridge, and Salisbury.

These three emergency shelters have provided the recipients with warm bed and blanket and warmer thermostat, emergency supplies, and transport for those who were not living in the counties mentioned but are seeking shelter for this extremely cold weather.

If you need shelter during this cold weather or know someone who needs it, emergency lines are available for the council to send support and transport to the emergency shelter hubs. You can call Chippenham Advice Hub and Emergency Station on 01249 706666, Trowbridge Advice Hub and Emergency Station on 01225 718005 or Salisbury Emergency Hub on 01722 434233. If you were not able to reach them before 5:30 pm, you may call the Emergency Team on 0300 456 0100.


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