Environmental 360 Solutions Was Chosen To Deal With Cornwall’s Garbage Crisis


The new proposal to be effected on Cornwall’s solid waste management is a pain in the hearts of many workers in the waste and recycling business. According to Claude Mclntosh, many people are irritated intensively by the move as their jobs have been put on balance. HGC Management Inc. has been the one contracted on the collection of waste in Cornwall.

Workers have been stranded as they don’t know whether they will continue working this spring. Last Monday, they spent better parts of the day sitting in the public gallery with their safety reflective gears waiting to be addressed. Their wait was frustrated by the council after they failed to address their grievances. They are not aware whether the new company expected to take over will absorb all the workers who have been working under the previous contracted company. The challenge here is that the new company is not unionized, unlike the one they have been working for. Hence, they can get fired anytime.

Why the change of guard in garbage collection?

The contracting of another company is said to have been brought about by the need to come up with more environmentally friendly methods. The new option aims at depleting the landfill effectively and shifting to the global recycling market.

The question lied between either upholding the status quo or introducing new legislation. The newly proposed rules are:

  1. The end of bulk garbage collection
  2. The introduction of a maximum of six bags of garbage per week by residents
  3. Mandatory recycling of garbage in Cornwall

Environmental 360 Solutions is the company that has been awarded the contract. It announced that it will hire 35 people if awarded the contract.

Why the Environmental 360 Solutions has been awarded the contract?

The company was chosen because the council believed that it had enough machinery to carry the recommendations approved by the council. It has the capability of using split-back collection trucks that have divided compartment for placing regular garbage and recyclable ones separately.