Estate Breaks Promise over Coppicing at Unity Woods


Unity Woods has been a well-established and popular open woodland for the people of Cornwall. Many mountain bikers, mountain hikers, locals, visitors, horse riders, and nature lovers have fallen in love with the tranquility of the woods and the vast blooms of bluebells during spring.

However, last March, the community was devastated by the sudden coppicing. It had left an unwanted sight in the famous woodland. Unity Woods is a part of the vast property of Tregothnan Estate. The estate’s head woodsman, Terry Herron, proclaimed to Cornwall Live that coppicing is intended for the roots to rejuvenate and regrow the trees which can enhance the biodiversity of the forest. In addition, he explained that the best forestry strategy for coppicing would be to do it through planned rotation rather than all at once. Lastly, Mr. Herron promised that no further coppicing operations will be done unless there is a confirmed regrowth of about two meters.

In the holiday seasons, nearby locals and frequent visitors have been hearing chainsaws in motion once again. Caroline Gillat, a witness, have seen pieces of evidence indicating recent coppicing in the area.

The use of machinery has contributed to the muddy mess in the woodland. This makes bikers and hikers have a hard time navigating the supposed pathway. Upon close investigation, the coppicing happened despite having a regrowth of less than two meters. Such recent evidences disregard Mr. Herron’s essential statements to the public. Local councilor Mark Kaczmarek will conduct a meeting this January 11 with the citizens.