Family members of a young dog-attack victim left flowers and a heart-rending note


A boy from Plymouth nine years of age was attacked by a dog at a holiday park in Cornwall over the weekend. His family members have left flowers and a heart-rending note at the area where he died.

The boy, named Frankie Macritchie, suffered from an unfortunate death at Tencreek Holiday Park where he was brutally attacked by a dog. Frankie died last Saturday (April 13) at 5 am in the morning. The entire country was in shock when news of Frankie’s tragic death first came out. Just recently, members of his family have left flowers at Tencreek’s entrance, the exact place where Frankie was attacked.

One of the family members mourning Frankie is his Aunt Danielle who left a bunch of flowers containing a heartbreaking note. Danielle wrote expressing to Frankie how much she loves him ever since he was still inside her mother’s womb, and that she knew right away they would be very close.

Danielle also expressed her sorry for what happened to Frankie. She concluded her note by expressing how much she’ll miss him and reminded Frankie on how much his family loves him.

During the weekend, police confirmed that Frankie was by himself in the caravan when he was attacked by a dog. Despite the paramedic’s haste to arrive at the scene, their efforts fell short to save Frankie.

According to Det. Supt. West during a press conference outside of Middlemoor’s police headquarters, they have in-charged specialists to take a look at the dog’s breed. Police are also investigating if the breed is legal or not.

A Devon and Cornwall Police’s Major Crime Investigation Team officer stated that they acknowledge the shock this incident caused to the public. They also hope that the people will not apportion any blame on this tragedy and allow them to do their job in thoroughly investigating this incident.


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