Fever Bars Nightclub’s New Owner Had Just Been Announced

First Fever Bar branch in Cheltenham

Stonegate Pub Company takes over the ownership of Fever Nightclubs Ltd., the company that handles the operations of four Fever Bars nightclub chains in the region.

Mark Shorting and Nigel Blair, directors of Fever, had continued to build the Fever business for 11 years until the takeover of ownership to Stonegate. They said that the success came from giving full priority to the people and customers first. They also believed that everyone who made Fever Bar successful is the people working behind the entertainment that customers enjoy each day and night they visit the pub. They believe in customer satisfaction and that they also believe that the new owner, Stonegate, is the right people to continue managing the nightclub they have built for long and to continuously provide nightlife entertainment to their valued customers.

The Fever Bars nightclub franchise was established in 2007 with its first nightclub at Cheltenham and has operated 32 more nightclub venues across the country, four of which are in Devon. Two Fever Bar branches just opened last year, which are located in Exeter and Plymouth.

Stonegate has been operating nightclubs and bars for so long since they started making their presence in Devon and has been operating Rosie’s and The Exonian in Exeter, Walkabout, and Popworld in Plymouth. Simon Longbottom, chief executive officer of Stonegate, said that the acquisition of the franchise was an excellent business strategy to strengthen their market positioning and geography in the region. This has provided them with various opportunities in expanding the business, as well as complementing Stonegate’s current businesses. They are ready to welcome the new member of the Stonegate family and are looking forward to collaborating with the Fever bar’s team to further improve the marketing and sales strategy of Fever Nightclubs Ltd.

The locals and party-all-nighters look forward to the enhancement of the Fever Bars nightclub and are hoping to continue receiving quality entertainment now with the new owner operating the nightclub chains of Fever.