Financial Support on the Way for Bristol Family after Electrocution Deaths


The community in Bristol have gathered together to give financial support to the Crum family after the death of Corey Crum, the head coach of the Liberty County High School baseball team and his wife Shanna Crum. The couple were both electrocuted and was subsequently killed Sunday afternoon after they and several others volunteer to clean and tidy up the athletic field of the school.

It was recalled that the accident happened after Corey Crum who was operating a boom truck hit an overhead power line. Her wife Shanna also died of electrocution after trying to help her husband.  The couple’s son Chase, 14 years old, also tried to help and was also electrocuted but the teenager survived from the accident.

A GoFundMe page was already set up by Heather page, a co-worker of Shana at Horford School, to help the family for all the expenses including funeral and financial support of Chase. Around 100 people have already donated a total of $ 7,000 which is nearly half of the target of $20,000. According to Richter, the family members have already expressed their gratitude for the tremendous support and the overwhelming love that they are receiving from the community since the accident happen. She later added that the couple will definitely be missed by the whole community.

A joint memorial service will be held on Friday at around 11 a.m. for Shana Crum, 41 years old and Corey Crum, 39 years old. The said activity will be held at the Veterans Memorial Civic Center along 10405 Theo Jacobs Way in Bristol. The family of the victims has asked the general public that will be attending the funeral to make a donation to the Liberty County Baseball Boosters instead of giving flowers.


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