Fire crews lined up to investigate dangerous chemical drum across Brean beach


On Saturday afternoon, firefighters circle around to investigate a dangerous chemical drum in a section of Brean beach.

The Environmental Protection Unit and firefighters from Somerset went to the beach after receiving a call from a civilian who saw the barrel being washed up from the beach.

The drum was feared to be leaking a possibly hazardous substance, according to the fire service spokesman. The fire crews worked with the Burnham Coastguard to pick up the container; however, the container shows no signs of leaking or visible marks.

The barrel has no symbols or stickers to know what is inside of it, and it was three quarters filled.

A line of guards was set into the beach after the commander of the incident failed to identify what the substance is.

The drum was carefully placed by the specialist crew inside a protective drum for them to collect and dispose of.

The emergency services have left the Brean beach and the line of guards was soon removed.

After the incident, the Burnham Coastguard spokesman gives a piece of advice for those who can find something possibly hazardous across the beach.

He said that “Our advice if you do find something like this, don’t touch it, attempt to move it or view its contents”.

He also told that “Contact the beach warden if they are around, or dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard, please remember your safety is paramount so don’t take any risks”.