Forecasters Issue Snow and Ice Warning for Dorset


An important weather warning has just been issued for the county of Dorset. The weather warning specifically emphasizes cautionary advice for snow and ice.

While weather forecasters warned the country of snowfall on Tuesday and Wednesday, the news said Dorset will not likely be affected.

This morning, however, forecasters issued a new warning covering Poole, Bournemouth, and Dorset.

The yellow warning indicated a warning for snow and ice. Although this warning only indicates a low impact, it’s still vital for people to stay vigilant at all times, especially throughout this weather condition.

The warning is expected to be in force from Tuesday at 12 pm and Wednesday at 11 am.

According to the Met Office’s chief forecaster, a cluster of rain will most likely arrive across the country of Wales as well as of the northern and western parts of England. This weather will fall out in the middle of Tuesday this week, and it is expected to move toward the east through the afternoon and evening of Tuesday.

The rain, however, will likely turn to snow on hills and also to low levels in some places. The snow will most likely be 3-5 centimetres or above 200 metres and 10 centimetres in a few places. At low levels, there may be 1-2 centimetres of patchy coverings. However, other places may not have snow at all.

Overnight, the skies will clear out and ice may form on particular surfaces. Also, wintry showers are expected on Wednesday morning into western areas and they will most likely give slight accumulations of snow in some places.

Borough of Poole and Bournemouth council have activated their Severe Weather Emergency Protocol in preparation for the cold spell.

Moreover, the Met Office continues to remind people about the effects of the weather on some roads and railways. Hence, journey times on the road and railways will most likely be longer than usual.


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