Former Security Expert from Cornwall Not Guilty of Blackmailing Claim


A former Special Forces operative who resides in Cornwall has been found not guilty of blackmailing a company director inside his home because of an alleged $32 million debt. Cleared by the court was Dominic Welsh, 49 years old, who refuted the claim that he demanded money to the accuser with intimidation after his trial in a Cardiff Crown Court.

The former Royal Marine who hails from Penhallow near Perranzabuloe was happy as he said thank you to the jury for the favourable verdict.

It was recalled that Mr. Welsh was accused of putting the alleged victim’s family under surveillance while intimidating and threatening them with violence in an apparent bid to reclaim money being owed from his employers.

During the course of the trial, prosecutor Christopher Reese has suggested that the accused was ready to use force by any means necessary to get the job done against complainant Christopher Hamilton, a businessman and a director of several companies locally and abroad.

American businessman Gilbert Armentar, together with his associate William Moro, employed the services of the former military man to recover the money which was believed to be a debt by the complainant.

The court had heard that the accused who own a private security firm spent several months on planning and making surveillance before personally going to the complainant’s house. Mr. Welsh was arrested on September 19, 2017 while he was at the Heathrow Airport.

During the trial, Mr. Welsch, who is a former war veteran in Iraq, denied the allegation as he was just mediating both parties to fix the problem between them. The accused also told the court during the evidence presented that it is not in his personality to threaten anyone. He later added that his company was not built to be involved in violence as he himself does not get involved in such action.


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