Former soldier able to disarm shop robber due to his military training experience


Anthony Wolfe, 61 years of age, a former soldier, tackled an armed robber to the ground to disarm him. The hooded robber, James Gowland, 31 years of age, was attempting to steal money from Ermin Food and Wine in Stratton. Anthony was able to wrest the gun away from Gowland and pointed it at his head to stop him from fighting back.

Hannah, Anthony’s daughter, and some locals aided Anthony on his heroic act. According to Anthony, the robber aimed the gun at them, which compelled him to swiftly charge forward to the robber, grab the firearm with both his hands and twist it sideways until the robber lost his grip from it. They had the Gowland pinned to the ground for several minutes until police authorities arrived and apprehended him.

Anthony became a secondary school teacher a few years after he completed basic military training at the young age of 18. According to him, his dauntless action was a buried instinct that suddenly came to him in the moment of danger.

According to the Swindon Crown Court, Gowland’s motivation for robbing was due to debts he owes to drug dealers.


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