Furry Friends Came to Visit Residents at A Care Home


On January 18th, Friday, the residents of Henford House Care Home in Warminster, Wiltshire were visited by an unusual group of furry friends.

The people living in the care home were paid a visit by a group of Alpacas. Residents were very excited to meet their new friends.

Alpacas are common in every Wiltshire farm, but it is a very unusual thing for them to visit a care home. These animals are not only cuddly but are also very gentle and friendly.

Both residents and staff enjoyed the companionship offered by these cute animals, as said General Manager Karen Sawyer. According to Sawyer, it certainly was a good idea to have the farm animals visit their home since some of the residents couldn’t afford to go out on field trips.

Henford House is always looking for ways to give residents the opportunity to experience new activities without the thought of compromising their health and condition.

Most of these exercises provide not only enjoyment but also great therapeutic effects to the residents.

Valerie Dawkins, one of the residents of Henford House, was very excited about meeting the Alpacas. Mrs Dawkins mentioned that as a child, she really used to love all animals.

The event was truly an enjoyable thing to experience by the residents. The excitement lessened their feeling of isolation and loneliness.



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