Gloucester Sends Message Of Support After Terrorists Strikes In Christchurch Killing Dozens.


The message of support from community leaders from Gloucester is still streaming after a terrorist attack that has left 48 people dead and 48 others in critical conditions. The two attacks at the mosques were well co-ordinated. They opened fire on innocent worshippers at around 12:40 am GMT and instructed everyone to remain indoors.

The news of the attack is saddening, and the community leaders are offering messages of support to the Muslim community in Gloucester. Prayers for the victims are to be held later today. Hansdot, Gloucester City Councillor, said that the religion of an individual doesn’t change the fact that the people shot were innocent. Hansdot advised people not to remain indoors as this meant that the terrorist’s intentions have succeeded.

According to police, four people are in custody in connection to the deadly attack at Masjid Al Noor mosque and Linwood Avenue. The report that came later from the police indicates that a male at the late twenties has charges of murder to answer.

The Killers recorded footage as they sprayed bullets to the innocent worshippers. The New Zealand Prime Minister has said that this is one of the country’s darkest days.  According to Amy Adams, a member of Parliament,  there is no justification for such kind of hatred


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