Gloucestershire Council Resolves to Rejuvenate the High Street


The rise of online shopping as an alternative to conventional retail shopping has had the undesired consequence of slowing down business on the high street. Consequently, retailers such as Santander and Patisserie Valerie have recently closed shop, and sadly, Superdrug has announced its imminent withdrawal from the high street of Tewkesbury.

After the announcement of the oncoming departure of Superdrug from Tewkesbury, numerous inhabitants of Gloucestershire communicated their sentiments concerning the decline of the quality of retailers operating on the high street, increasing business charges and rent. However, a spokesman from Superdrug tried to calm down loyal customers by inviting them to other stores nearby in Gloucester, Evesham and Cheltenham.

The Tewksbury Borough council has responded to the public outcry about the state of retail businesses in the zone by revealing plans to encourage the opening of shops and the support that the council will provide to prospective entrepreneurs. Moreover, the council will enact measures that will ensure that the town remains a shopping terminus. Anette Roberts, the current official in charge of Development, adds that it is unfortunate that the Superdrug drug store is shutting down and that the council has resolved to support enterprises in an effective manner.

Anette clarifies that the council is not in control of the level of business rates that traders are charged since the rates are imposed by the central government. Similarly, rental costs are determined by the property owners although the council will try to negotiate with individual landlords to encourage them to consider the plight of struggling enterprises.

Additionally, the council will try to boost the development of legitimate enterprises by providing an appropriate discretionary relief, mandatory relief, hardship relief and business rate relief. Other innovative measures include the opening of a Growth hub with experts to guide ambitious business people.