Gloucestershire Councillors to Discuss Six Motions for Next Week’s Council Meeting


Gloucestershire Councillors will have their full council meeting next week March 27, 2019. A heated debate should be expected on the said date as the councillors will be discussing six motions for two hours only. The councilors will have to vote on which of these six motions will be approved.

The Gloucestershire County Council is composed of 52 councillors who sit together at a full council meeting that happens six times a year to propose new motions and challenge existing ones.

Here is a run-down of the six motions that will be discussed by the Gloucestershire County Council next week.

  1. Forming an education trust

Lesly Williams, labour leader, wants the councilors to consider forming an education trust. Having an education trust will allow the schools to be a part of the county’s council. This way, the education sector will have a voice in the council, and this will give them participation in matters that concern quality education services.

  1. More funding to Gloucestershire schools

The Liberal Democrats motioned that the county’s council should persuade the national government to increase the funds allocated to Gloucestershire schools in the budgeting for 2019.

There are said to be 18 schools in Gloucestershire – 3 of which are primary & 15 are secondary – that received less funds from Gloucestershire government which does not cohere to the national funding formula.

  1. Statutory Youth Services

In a second motion submitted by labour leader Lesly Williams, she wanted the county council to initiate a campaign for the statutory youth services.

This call of Ms. Williams is to address budget cut to youth services that have created a negative impact on the overall health and well-being of the youths. She proposed that the county council should intensify their efforts in asking the national government to support statutory youth services.

  1. Fixing the Highways

In his motion, councillor Smith wants the county council to thank the highways department and its suppliers for its remarkable job resurfacing the county’s 100km road. This effort is part of the county council’s £150million investment to fix the county’s roads.

  1. New Crown Court

As motioned by councillor Jeremy Hilton, Gloucester Crown Court has to be rebuilt for it no longer fits to modern-day criminal justice. He urges the other councillors agree on his proposal to write to Justice Secretary David Gauke asking for a new Crown Court to be built that may also accommodate magistrate and county courts.

  1. Councillors’ Rights to Parental Leave

Mark Hawthorne, the council leader, is asking other councillors to take the step towards allowing them to have parental leave and adoptive leave. This call of councillor Hawthorne is also a significant move towards giving more recognition to women’s participation in the local government.


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