Gloucestershire Is Expected to Be Hotter in the Coming Easter Weekend


April is the month where England experiences average weather season. However, the South West part of England tends to get hotter this weekend.

The Easter weekend in Gloucestershire is expected to be a blazingly hot one. Apart from the average weather season, the county is going to experience a burning season. People are anticipated to stay indoors if burns aren’t on their minds.

According to Met Office, the county is said to be hitting 19°C on Good Friday. It is also said to remain as it is as Black Saturday comes. The temperature is known to decrease at least a degree, that is, 18°C on Easter Sunday. The county is expected to experience a temperature even warmer than the party island Ibiza.

In addition, according to the report, the temperatures are set to reach the highest from 1 PM – 4 PM. This is the time where people are advised to not stay outdoors for too long as it is the time when sun rays are the sharpest.

As the temperature gets high, the UV levels of the sun are expected to be ‘moderate’. This only means that residents have the risk to sunburn. Residents are advised to take sensible precautions to avoid unexpected burns. Make use of caps and umbrellas if necessary and utilize sunblock and anti UV skin care products if there are plans for outdoor activities.

It will be dry throughout, so the barbecues can come out and stay out. The residents are also warned for any unexpected fire as the temperature could trigger to catch one easily.

The week is expected to stay dry, but there may be a touch of cooler temperatures at about 14°C in most days.

For those who are allergy and hay fever sufferers, there may be high counts of pollen on Wednesday and Thursday. Do not spend too much time outside to avoid these complications.


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