Gloucestershire To Experience Snow In The Next Seven Days


Many people have been wondering when snow will fall in Gloucestershire. Well, the weather forecast department has predicted that snow will be experienced very soon. On Wednesday morning, snow falling was experienced, but it’s likely to return soon.

The snow brought difficulties on our roads as the fall of the snow was unexpected. Rumours suggest that accidents in M5  and Woodchester were caused by the weather. Two people were hospitalized in M5 after a road accident while Woodchester had a collision of six vehicles. However, this is only speculation as it has not been confirmed by the authorities that weather played a major role.

The Views And News From The Weather Channel

According to The Weather Channel, more snow is heading towards Gloucestershire in the next seven days. It’s anticipated that snow will fall this Saturday and will last for two weeks. The Weather Channel predicts that more snow will be witnessed across the United Kingdom, and the weather is expected to be much colder. Despite the weather rising up by end of the week, next week will be even colder.

The Met Office Stand On The Weather Speculations

The Met Office has said that the sunny day will be followed by rains at night, hence temperatures dropping to -2°C. Thursday will witness more rains with a temperature increase to 9°C.

Friday is expected to be breezy and cloudy. The weather on Saturday will be windy, and little showers will be experienced in some parts. Sunday will be characterized by sunshine and some showers. Next week, we will experience frosts and ice falling at night.

The Reaction By The Public Health England

With the weather advice given by the Met Office, the Public Health England has issued an alert of cold weather conditions across the country. People are advised to prepare for the winter as it will be cold. To avoid deaths, people should warm their rooms to at least 18°C.