Gloucestershire woman who played Words with Friends nearly fell victim to ‘romance scam’, warns others

Marco Verch - Creative Commons 2.0

A Gloucestershire woman shared her horrible experience while playing a mobile gaming app. According to her, she interacted with a man who claims to be an American soldier.

Her bad experience occurred on the Word with Friends 2 app, an app wherein users will get to play a Scrabble-like game with other individuals from around the globe. The woman, who wishes her full identity not be revealed, expressed that the incident stressed her out.

She received numerous suspicious messages from men who wish to contact her Google Hangouts account shortly after downloading the Words with Friends 2 app. She only replied to one of those men sending her messages.

At first, he seemed quite charming according to her. They developed a sense of familiarity after playing games together in the app multiple times already. Afterward, he began sending her messages. His profile picture was a photo of someone in military gear which is in-line with his claims of being an American soldier.

The woman said that he always sends her messages expressing his love and also claims to be divorced with his wife. The woman later found out that lines of “I am divorced” is a common line used by scammers. The man even said that he will quit being a soldier to meet her in person and regard her as his ‘Princess Queen’. She felt uncomfortable with his interactions with the man as she’s actually a married woman.

Things got out of hand when the man told her a story about another soldier who filled millions of dollars in multiple crates and storing them in a bunker. He then claimed that he brought two crates in Turkey which will help repair the damages caused by the war. He asked her to contact his attorney to make it easier for him to get what remains of the money.

She felt so worried and annoyed with the situation, but she later realized that this was all a scam by looking up his name on the web. She discovered that the photograph matches with the name. She then contacted the name and asked him whether he knew about Word with Friends and received a reply that he never heard about it.

Since then, the Gloucestershire woman has been careful with her online interactions and gives her warning to other female internet users.


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