Half Marathon Organizers Hit Out Police Authorities of Inaction Over Illegal Rave Parties at Forests of Dean


The organizers of the Forest of Dean Spring Trails Half Marathon hit out the police authorities for their lack of action over an illegal rave party that happened in the same area as the sporting event. Race Director Chris Hamersley said that the action by the police was not good enough even though the Gloucestershire Constabulary have defended their actions as they let the party go on for more than 12 hours.

To protect the participants of the sporting event, Mr. Hamersley had to hire additional marshals to safeguard around 2400 participants and prevent unauthorized cars from intruding the route. He later added that overnight security told him that the area was noisy throughout the night and the situation was the same when participants started arriving early morning. All in all, there were about 5000 people, including spectators and participants, who need security.

Mr. Hamersley also complained about the difficulty of securing permits in organizing events like the Half Marathon while criticizing authorities in giving leeway to illegal activities such as the rave party. Organizers like Mr. Hamersley have to secure a permit from the Forestry Commission in organizing the Half Marathon. He later added that he will meet with the police authorities to discuss details on how to prevent future illegal and unauthorized raves from happening.

As for Inspector Andrew Hodgetts of the Forest of Dean Police Force, he was aware of the disturbance of the illegal rave to the local residents in the area. He said that he is currently reviewing the Memorandum of Understanding between the Forest of Dean District Council, the Police, and the Forestry Commission with regards to the unauthorized and unlicensed event that is happening in the area. He added that they are currently examining evidence of violations committed by organizers.


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