7000 adults in Dorset are Alcohol Dependent


Figures from Alcohol Education Trust show about 7,000 adults in Dorset are ‘alcohol dependent.’ The disclosure is part of the Alcohol Awareness Week which seeks to highlight the dangers of abusing alcohol.  The week is backed by Dorset Healthcare and the Alcohol Education Trust.

Helena Conibear, Trust Chief Executive expressed confidence the campaign is breaking through.

“Underaged drinking has actually halved in the last decade,” she says.

“We’re really proud of how young people are working hard and are drinking less. There is also a drop-in risk taking behaviour as well.”

“It’s much more about mindful drinking and what is appropriate at what age and what environment. The topic has to be be taken seriously. So many people think they know it all and don’t want to be preached to. It’s all about drinking to a positive lifestyle,” she said.

The Trust helps vulnerable pupils build resilience skills and avoid risky situations, including looking after themselves.

According to Ian Keasey, Drugs and Alcohol Lead for Public Health England South West, “We are committed to supporting Alcohol Awareness Week across the South West.

“We know how easy it can be for people to underestimate the amount they are drinking.

“If you are concerned about how much you are drinking, or want to speak to someone about a family member suffering from the effects or alcohol harm, you can contact alcohol support helplines who can help, Alcohol Concern have a list on their website.”

For more information, contact –

The Alcohol Education Trust
Frampton House,
Dorset DT2 9NH
Telephone: 01300 320 869


email [email protected]

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