A Health App Called ‘MyDiabetesMyWay’ Helps Control Diabetes in Somerset


MyDiabetesMyWay is a free website and smartphone app designed to help citizens of Somerset with diabetes keep track of their health and condition.

The said app can be used for free on both platforms. Since its launch, more than 2,700 people have already signed up for their services.

Martin Draper, A 60-year-old former IT executive from Bridgwater, was among the first people who signed up for MyDiabetesMyWay. He acquired type 1 diabetes 15 years ago and has been working on keeping his blood glucose levels down ever since.

Diabetes is a condition in which there is more glucose in the blood than average because the body failed to use it correctly, hence leading the body to a critical condition in which the blood sugar should be monitored regularly to avoid complications that may lead to kidney failure, lower limb amputation, or stroke.

Heading the team that introduced MyDiabetesMyWay to Somerset was Yeovil District Hospital consultant in diabetes, endocrinology, and general medicine Dr Alex Bickerton. According to him, the number of people living with diabetes in Somerset is more than around 30,000.

Since its launch, it has received positive feedback from its users. The platform is very accessible and has been very helpful for those who want to keep track of their health. It is also very convenient as most people nowadays have smartphones, and instead of going to the clinic to keep up with their conditions, they can now freely manage their health through this platform.

Users of this app now have a higher probability of avoiding diabetes-related complications since they can keep track of their data with MyDiabetesMyWay. Since it’s free to use, users may check and update it from time to time and see if there are things they need to do or things that they need to avoid to keep their health at its prime.

To register, visit https://somerset.mydiabetes.com.


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