Access to free sanitary products could soon be enjoyed by every schoolgirl in Bristol


Bristol city council, on November 13, has pledged to take on period poverty in the city. Soon every school girl could have access to free sanitary products.

This vote has been made to ensure that pupils do not miss out on their education during periods.

Figures show that in the last year, almost 140, 000 girls and young women across the country missed school simply because they couldn’t afford to buy sanitary products.

These girls and young women have been forced to improvise with items such as toilet paper, tissues, napkins, and socks.

The research shows many women who have endured period poverty to feel that their physical activity and mental wellbeing has been affected, and a majority to have experienced bullying.

Councillors have agreed unanimously to support the motion brought forward by Helen Godwin, the authority’s cabinet member for women, children, and young people.

Councillor Godwin introduced the motion saying that it was a travesty that period poverty had to be an issue in the city.

The councillor announced that a period poverty summit will be hosted by her next month, where relevant organisations will devise a plan to give girls from age 5-13 in Bristol access to tampons and pads in school.

She also said that there needs to be more focus on educating people, concerning periods.

Organisations such as Fareshare would be collaborated with to ensure tampons and pads reach people who need them.

To see to the use of sustainable products, City to Sea and Green Party would be worked with.

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