Another case of ‘deadly’ dog disease in Cornwall


Another case of Alabama Rot, a deadly disease to dogs, has been confirmed in Cornwall – Information from Penmellyn Vets in St Austell has revealed. The Vet outlet said an animal it treated died from the rare condition and has warned dog owners in a post on Facebook about the disease.

“We would like to share with all of our followers that we recently received the unfortunate news that all clinical evidence points towards one of our patients having died as a consequence of the rare and commonly fatal condition – Alabama Rot. The patient was based in the the St Austell area and commonly went for walks in the following locations – Par Beach, Prideaux Woods, Treverbyn Clay area” Penmellyn Vets said in a post.

The Vet service provider has since advised owners with worries their dog may be exposed to the disease to contact their local vets.

Here are a few ways to know if your dog is a victim

  • Lesions or ulcers on the skin. It is possible these appear as open ulcers or sore or patch of red skin. The lesions commonly look out of the ordinary to vets.
  • The dog’s paws or lower legs are areas the sores are found. They can also be found on a dog’s face, mouth or tongue, or on their lower body.
  • Loss of appetite, vomiting and tiredness and signs of kidney failure

The earlier the dog receives treatment, the higher chances it has to survive.  You can check with your local Vet on preventing and managing the disease.

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