Bath Clean Air Zone Charge Called a ‘Stealth Tax’


Bath and North East Somerset Council (B&NES Council) said that charging certain kinds of vehicles money on entry to Bath will help improve the city’s air quality.

The Taxpayer Alliance, a right wing pressure group disagreed. They called it a lazy and bureaucratic option that will lead to higher consumer costs and lower wages.

The grassroots campaign manager, Harry Fone said, “This is nothing more than a stealth tax on already over-taxed residents and business owners.

“Rather than choosing to improve road infrastructure and ease congestion, B&NES Council has instead chosen a lazy and bureaucratic option.

“This is pure revenue-raising at the expense of hard-working taxpayers that will do little to improve air quality.”

B&NEC Council was charged by the government to bring nitrogen dioxide level within the legal limit by 2021 latest.

They said the project aims to change people’s behaviour and not to make money out of them. Any surplus would be spent on encouraging cleaner transport and travel in and around Bath.

Taxpayers Alliance said the clean air charge was ineffective.

A spokesperson said, “Clean air zones are not the answer. Charging motorists, bus/coach companies, taxi firms and HGV operators for entering Bath city centre will increase costs for citizens and businesses.

“Increasing costs for businesses reduces their profitability, and so they are forced to pass these costs on to workers and consumers.

“It would be wrong for Bath’s local authority to introduce a clean air zone. This is because they are ineffective, economically harmful and regressive.”



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